It's one of those classic cinematic moments in the movie Hangover, when Alan Garner gets tasered in the face by a little kid visiting the police station. If you'll remember, it was so funny because Officer Franklin exclaims laughingly, "In the face, in the face." Just typing it cracks me up. Alan had no idea the kid was going to shoot the taser at his face and have 50,000 volts streaming through his body. That moment of being scared to death is always funny when it happens to someone else. Enter the world of train horns. At the flip of a switch, you hold the power to scare someone into needing new britches.

Horn Blasters is our favorite place to order train horns from. We've used them on several project trucks and they never cease to impress us with sheer volume and audible depth. Everything needed to hook up a kit is included, and for less than $600, you can have a set of insanely loud train horns perfect for inflicting terror on friends, putting the person who just cut you off on notice, or simply having fun on the highway. Looking to give a black 2011 Super Duty some over-the-top personality, we ordered a Horn Blasters Conductor's Special model 240 and cruised over to Outlaw Off-Road in Santa Ana, California, for the install. Check out how easy it was, and if your truck could use some “Get out of my way” attitude, give Horn Blasters a call.

Outlaw Offroad
1703 E. Carnegie Ave
Santa Ana
CA  92705
HornBlasters, Inc.
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd #233
FL  33609