Our tools are like our kids. We never knew how much we’d love them until we had them in our arms. Tool storage is at the top of the wishlist for every DIY enthusiast, professional ASE-certified mechanic, and shadetree weekend warrior. Tool storage needs to be well built, easy to maneuver, and large enough that you won’t outgrow it after a few tool purchases. We hit the tool jackpot once we took delivery of Matco’s latest mobile service cart. The large heavy-duty service cart isn’t one of those flimsy, cheap tool carts you see on sale in sale’s flyers for $99.99. Matco’s large service cart is fully welded with unibody, double-wall steel frame for increased tool capacity and strength. As we mentioned, growing out of a toolbox is always a concern, but with more than 22,000 ci of storage, this cart will handle even the largest of mechanic’s tool collections.

During our testing of the large heavy-duty cart, the thing we really came to appreciate was the huge 40-inch-wide stainless steel top that can handle up to 200 pounds. For its sheer size (40x46x22), the cart is incredibly mobile with large, lockable casters, and the engineers at Matco even included rubber pads along the corners to keep trucks safe from dings. Matco’s patented TuBar lock allows the owner to lock the entire box with one key without being forced to open the lid. The flip-up lid reveals an extra-large top storage area with holes for large screwdrivers, breaker bars, and prybars along the sides. Each drawer came with non-slip mats to prevent tools from sliding around and the ball-bearing drawer sliders provide a smooth action when opening and closing the drawers. This box is expensive (PN: JSC750-DBC, $1,640.00), but imagine having every tool in your arsenal in a lockable, mobile toolbox that works as good as it looks, and you can see the benefit of this awesome heavy-duty cart.

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