If you were asked to list your top 5 most-used tools, we're positive a wrench would be included. Ask a good mechanic which brand wrench is best and he'll swear by one brand or another. However, one brand you may not have heard of but should check out is EZ-RED. Sold on many high-end tool trucks, EZ-RED makes handy specialty tools that you didn't know you needed until you see one of their tools that would make a certain type of install much easier. On a recent photo shoot, I saw one of the lead techs using a set of wrenches I had never seen before to complete a supercharger install. When I asked him what kind of wrenches they were, he replied, “They're called EZ-RED, and I use them every day.” If a pro uses them every day, I had to check out this specialty tool brand up close.

After perusing the EZ-RED website, I ordered a set of SAE and Metric flexible extra-long spline drive ratcheting wrenches. Featuring a spline drive, the EZ-RED wrenches will fit on six-point, 12-point, Torx fasteners, splined and square fasteners, as well as 50 percent rounded six-point fasteners. Versatile yes, but a big advantage that these wrenches have over traditional ratcheting wrenches is the extra length for impressive leverage, a feature that's typically found on long-handled ratchets. Inside the gear mechanism is a 72-tooth design for a low turning angle and a flexible head that allows you to ratchet the wrench while in tight quarters with obstacles around the fastener. The EZ-RED wrenches come in SAE and Metric sets, include a high-density foam tray for easy storage and instant tool inventory, and they feature a lifetime warranty.

I've used these wrenches on suspension, exhaust, intake, supercharger, battery, and hard-to-reach interior installs with odd-sized regular and Torx bolts, and I'm happy to report they've held up incredibly well. I haven't had one slip, crack, or break, which is saying something after the kind of abuse I've put them through. The long handle is perfect for relieving tension on serpentine belt tensioners, while the flexible head makes getting into awkward spots a breeze. If you're in the market for a versatile and strong wrench set, look no further.