Most truck dashes are slabs of plastic designed to take a beating from the sun and everyday abuse a truck must endure over its lifetime. Until recently, most designers didn't give much thought to the aesthetics of a truck's interior. It was function, storage space, and more function. Painting a dash looks great, but it's time consuming, expensive, and while the dash is out, your truck is immobile. You can wrap a dash with leather or suede, but we've seen that too many times in a show truck. To add some much needed style to the interior of our '09 Ram project, we sought out an easy-to-install and relatively inexpensive mod that would transform the overall look and feel of our dash.

Sherwood Innovations came to our rescue with its 2D dash kit. CAD designed for each specific application, Sherwood's kits come in a variety of genuine wood finishes, brushed metal, real carbon fiber, and synthetic materials such as colored carbon fibers, camo, and graphic wood designs. For certain models, a 3D kit is available that actually wraps around the existing center console to completely mask the original look. Using 3M heavy-duty tape, each dash kit can be installed in a matter of minutes and the results are dramatic. For Project Lead Sled, we opted to match the look and feel of a new Grand Cherokee SRT8 by ordering the Sherwood 38-piece kit in real carbon fiber. To complement the new dash kit, we also ordered the optional four-piece door panel insert kit in matching real carbon fiber. We were impressed with the fit, finish, and new look of our daily driven show truck. If your truck could use an updated interior, give Sherwood a call.

In a little over an hour, our Ram was looking the part of a high-end sports car with real carbon fiber adorning the dash, center console, and door panels.

Sherwood Innovations