Think of the two things you look at most when driving. Most likely, your answers are going to be the road ahead and your instrument gauges. Gauges don't have to be boring, and if you have a base-model truck, you don't have to live with minimal gauge information. When it came time to upgrade the interior in Blue Bomber (our 2011 Silverado work truck), replacing the all-black boring gauges was a must. US Speedo came to our rescue with its stylish stainless steel kit. Once we spoke with their experienced techs over the phone, we learned they also sell complete gauge clusters. To top it off, those direct-fit clusters can be equipped with new LED lighting for a true custom look.

Once the new gauges were selected, we contacted Grant Products for an airbag-friendly steering wheel. A steering wheel is your direct link to the road, and we were tired of gripping the thin-rimmed, vinyl factory wheel. Thankfully, Grant manufactures new leather-wrapped wheels that incorporate the factory airbag—for maximum safety and style. Both installs were easy to accomplish and only required a specific steering wheel puller to remove the factory wheel. With a small level of mechanical competence and some patience, you too can upgrade your interior in just a few hours.

US Speedo
Grant Products
1770 Evergreen Street
CA  91010