Cordless impact guns have always meant compromising overall performance when compared to pneumatic impact guns—until now. When Ingersoll Rand released its latest cordless impact in a 20V configuration, we couldn't wait to check out the performance, durability, and ergonomics. Spoiler alert: it's incredible. The IR W7150 packs 780 lb-ft of maximum reverse torque, with a mind-blowing 1,100 lb-ft of nut-busting torque on tap, and from tip to tail, it's only 9.4 inches long. With the 20V lithium-ion battery in place, the ½-inch impact weighs just 6.8 pounds and the soft-touch over-molded grip is both comfortable and durable.

To get more acquainted with Ingersoll Rand's latest impact, we ordered kit number W7150-K2, which comes with two 20V lithium-ion batteries, a digital charger, and carrying case ($489 at After fully charging the batteries, we quickly got to work removing wheels and tires, tearing down a stock suspension, installing both drop and lift kits on different projects, as well as removing an automatic transmission. The W7150 is a beast. Featuring a high-power rare earth magnet motor, we didn't come across a nut or bolt the impact couldn't bust loose. The variable speed trigger was perfect for smaller bolts and the rugged steel-lined aluminum case was plenty strong for constant shop use. Each battery features a charge indicator, which made getting the most out of each charge as easy as pushing a button. What we liked the most is its versatility. With one impact, we could do several different jobs, while saving time, frustration, and money. We've had this impact in the shop for six months and have used it repeatedly. It hasn't let us down once, with our only minor complaint being battery life, but with two on hand, we always had enough juice to get the job done. Around $500 with shipping isn't cheap, but given its performance, portability, and ergonomics, we'd gladly pay more for such a capable tool.