In the everlasting pursuit of better performance from our trucks, the first areas to be modified are usually the intake and exhaust. This is because aftermarket replacements for these parts are relatively inexpensive and readily available. While manufacturers claim up to a 50hp increase with some of these products, realistic numbers land in the 10-20hp range. The other benefit of these is that they can be installed in your driveway in a few hours.

Recently, we picked up a 2012 Ram 1500 with the 5.7L Hemi. Coming with a burly 390hp rating from the factory, this truck is healthy, but a few more ponies never hurt anyone. For the intake side of things, we called up S&B and ordered one of their cold-air intake kits. These intakes feature dual intake scoops, a smooth-walled intake tube, and a redesigned air filter that ensures the most possible surface area is used. Next, we ordered a replacement muffler from Flo-Pro. The exhaust professionals promised us a less restrictive path for the hot gasses leaving the engine. Tests show that the muffler flows over 15 percent more air over the stock exhaust and adds a nice throaty growl. Follow along as we give our Ram more power and a better sound in an afternoon.

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