We've all been there, fighting with a stubborn, frozen nut or bolt that seemingly laughs at our attempts to break it free. More times than not, that frozen nut or bolt head strips rather than loosening. Adding to the frustration, an attempt now has to be made to drill out the bolt or cut off the stripped nut. If you're tired of busting your knuckles, cussing under your breath, and raising your blood pressure while working on your truck, let us introduce you to Grip-Tite super wrenches and socket sets. Using patented Advanced Cam Technology (ACT), Grip-Tite wrenches and sockets center all of the pressure on the face of bolt and not on the corners where the bolt is weakest and prone to stripping. Six individual cams made of high-strength alloy steel expand over the flat portion of the nut or bolt head. And while the wrench or socket turns, the cams stay centered on the bolt and get tighter and tighter against the strongest portion of the nut or bolt head, which busts it loose without stripping the corners.

We had our reservations about a wrench and socket with internal moving parts, but after using both the wrenches and sockets on several project trucks, we have no problem giving them our seal of approval. ACT isn't smoke and mirrors, you can literally feel the cams engage the nut or bolt head and as a bonus, there is enough static friction within the socket that they hold a new nut or bolt in place without the need of a magnet. Now that is handy. Several different socket and wrench sets are available to match your skill level or individual need. A nod to quality, the Grip-Tite tools exceeds the industry standard ANSI testing and features a lifetime warranty. Available online, the Grip-Tite wrenches and sockets can be shipped to your door without ever leaving the comfort of your home. If you're tired of stripping nuts and bolts and want to start gripping them, check out Grip-Tite's full line of wrenches and sockets.