During the late '90s, the phrase "think outside the box" was adopted by tech companies and small businesses alike and became part of everyday nomenclature. A world without restrictions is an amazing idea, and we agree that doing things against the mainstream is vital to success. Take, for instance, a grinder. It regularly gets treated to high temps, long run times, and the kind of abuse most tools couldn't handle. However, a grinder has two primary weaknesses: the electronics get extremely hot and its usage is limited to the length of its power cord. Enter the professional-grade Bosch 18V Lithium-Ion 4½-inch small angle grinder.

Unlike traditional AC–powered grinders, the Bosch cordless grinder (PN: CAG180-01, $399 at lowes.com) is powered by a heavy-duty 18V Lithium-Ion battery. With electronic motor protection and electronic cell protection, both the expensive four-pole motor and Li-Ion batteries won't melt down and prematurely give out like traditional grinders. The compact, low-profile gear design allows for compact access, and at less than five pounds, the grinder is easy to handle for long periods of time.

During our testing, the Bosch 18V grinder wowed everyone who used it. Powerful, stable, and cool after extended use, it was hard to find a fault. The ability to get into tight engine bay areas, cramped exhaust pipe locations, and awkward suspension configurations made us appreciate the grinder even more. Bosch includes two Lithium-Ion FatPack batteries for extended run times, a 45-minute fast charger, carrying case, and grinding guard. Everything needed to slice and dice was in the kit and made it more complete than we expected. It's not cheap, but thinking outside the box never is.