Customizing a truck is a multi- step process. The first step is usually the inexpensive, easy bolt-ons like intakes, grilles, and even a tuner. Next comes the lift or lowering kit and big wheels and tires. Adding these oversized wheels and tires looks good, but the OEM brakes were never meant to be able to handle the extra unsprung weight. Too many people forego upgrading the brakes because of fear of the unknown, cost, or any number of reasons.

Upgrading your brakes shouldn't be a daunting process. That is exactly what Wilwood thought when they came out with their big brake kit for the 1999-to-current GM 1500 pickups and SUVs. The kit is simple to install, returns factory-like stopping performance to big-wheel-equipped trucks, and looks far better than stock. We took a trip to the Wilwood headquarters in Camarillo, California, to catch the install of this kit on a 2011 Chevy Silverado, check it out.

Wilwood Engineering
4700 Calle Bolero
CA  93012