I have been a long time reader and I have a question that I hope you have the answer to. I recently bought an ’08 Silverado and am having trouble finding a cat-eye billet grille shell. I had an ’06 Sierra and bought one through one of the companies in your magazine about 11 years ago. If there were any way that you could help me find one for my new project it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.
Anthony Hyatt
Ashford, Alabama

I think I know why you are having trouble. The 2008 Silverado trucks did not have a “cat-eye” front end, they have the NBS front end. If in fact you do have a Silverado that has the slanted headlights, it is a 2003-2007. Either way, there are many companies that make billet grilles for either of those trucks.

Hey guys
I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 that I want to ’bag on 22-inch wheels. Is there a company that makes the front control arms for this application? Any help would be appreciated.
Mike Choate
Abilene, Texas

That is a great question. These trucks are becoming increasingly popular as their price comes down. The answer to your question is yes, there are companies that make control arms for your truck. One we would recommend is the ’04-’08 Ram front kit from Ekstensive Metal Works ( The kit uses the factory ball joints and comes with everything else you need. It is part number #F2001 and costs $800.

You Wanted to Know:
A couple months back, Ram unveiled a new concept truck, the Rumble Bee Ram. We posted this picture and asked you what you thought. Here are some of the responses:

Marshall Muse
I hope they do unveil a Rumble Bee, and I hope that it prompts Ford to release a new Lightning, and let the Horsepower Arms Race ensue!

Michael Roa
It better have a supercharged 6.1L Hemi.

Austin Munro
A Rumble Bee truck shouldn’t have an electronic shifter!