Dear Team Truckin,
I was reading an old issue when I came across an article that piqued my interest. Back in March of this year you showed how an engine wiring harness upgrade could bring 30 hp out of your engine. I have a 2002 regular cab Chevy with the 5.3L that I have done several mods to and have been looking to get more power. How exactly did you get 30 hp with wiring?
Rich Waters
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

That was a very popular article. My first question would be what mods have you done to your 5.3L? We were able to free up 30 more horsepower because of the fact that we had literally tapped out the factory ECU’s tuning capabilities. With a crate engine, supercharger, long-tube headers, no cats, custom fuel system, and larger fuel injectors, the GM ECU wasn’t able to keep up with the engine’s unique part combination and boost level. By installing the Holley Dominator ECU, we had more parameters to tune the engine (exact fuel/timing, throttle input, inlet temps, MAP sensor data, AFR, etc.) and we could get more aggressive with the tune. If your truck’s 5.3L has a lot of aftermarket parts installed on it, you can make the most of them by upgrading the computer and wiring harness.

Hello there,
I was wondering what bumpers were on the blue Raptor from the cover of Issue 10 of year 2013? I have a client in New Zealand who is interested in a set. Thanks,
Bob Harris
Wichita, Kansas

The bumpers you speak of are from the talented team of fabricators at Addictive Desert Designs in Apache Junction, Arizona. They can be found online at or you can call them at (855) 233-8992.

Our weekly caption contests on Facebook are always a hit. A few months back we posted this picture and requested your best comments. Here are some of our favorites:

Nicholas Basterrechea
And this is what happens when a redneck hits the lotto.

Trea Pittman
I knew I shouldn’t have put Viagra in the gas tank.

Kris Ziemlo
Does this version bend in the middle too?

James Ray Julian Jr.