When building a project these days, you will have to be pretty ingenious with your modifications for the truck to stand out from the crowd. Anyone with a computer and a bank account with more than a few bucks in it can have everything shipped right to their door. Don't get us wrong; that is a good thing, but what if you want something a little different? It's not like you can just order a '57 Chevy dash to stuff into your S-10 from the internet. Before you start writing that letter saying you can get a full dash from a certain place online, hear us out. Here, the brainstorming sessions about what we are going to do sometimes go off into the deep end, but it is usually squashed by the almighty dollar. Yes, we would love to go to the dealer, buy a complete powertrain from a new 'Vette, and stuff it in a Chevy LUV or something like that, but as cool as this job is, it doesn't pay that much. For that reason, we tend to find low-buck ways to make our own trucks cooler. We took some time and scoured two wrecking yards we know of, one filled to the brim with classics and one with all things mini-truck. We went just to see if there was anything left worth building, and what we found sparked so many ideas we just had to show you. It was a veritable gold mine of amazing sheetmetal just waiting for the right truck guy to pluck out of obscurity and massage into greatness in their home garage.