Infiniti launched the QX56 in 2004 to compete in the fullsize luxury SUV market, with such models as the Escalade and Navigator, and matched them in terms of size, power, and luxury. However, the QX56 lacked the established aftermarket that Cadillac and Lincoln owners were able to enjoy. It was only a matter of time before the market caught up, and when Pro Comp stepped up with a new suspension lift kit for the Nissan and Infiniti, the owner of this '04 QX56 was ready.

We've featured a couple of Nissan lift kits-including a Frontier that's elsewhere in this issue-and we appreciate their front suspension design. It's so simple to work on that it makes lifting one an easy proposition. At least, they usually are.

Although this was the first time we've photographed a QX56, we assumed the front suspension would be similar to the Titan's, which it was, so the only unknown factor was the IRS setup also used in the Armada. It too seemed to be an easy design to modify, especially considering the Pro Comp lift came with detailed instructions with photos. Unfortunately, this Infiniti was a pre-production model. Not only did several of the bolt holes not line up, but it appeared to have been driven in a wet, salty environment that practically welded fasteners into their places.

Out of Control Off Road in Irvine, California, had just opened its doors for the grand opening at the time, but they were up to the challenge. Brian had to use a breaker bar at times when his impact wrench wouldn't budge the stuck hardware, but the kit went on without any major modifications other than drilling. Check out how Pro Comp hardware transformed a mild-mannered QX56 into an off-road juggernaut.