From the Driver SeatSince this QX56 was a pre-production model, there were some difficulties installing the lift that we normally don't encounter. Brian and Jesse had to fabricate a wider bracket for the IRS safety strap, and some bolt holes had to be drilled. The Pro Comp instruction manual included photos, and what we saw underneath this QX56 didn't match, so it looks like Pro Comp wasn't to blame. Aside from that, the bolts on the underside of the Infiniti were coated in a thin film of stubborn rust that forced Brian to use a breaker bar to loosen several fasteners. Even the impact wrench wouldn't budge them.

Time Spent Working: Approximately 12 hours
Degree of Difficulty: High
(this was a worst-case scenario, but almost every nut and bolt fought back.)
Tools needed: Air Impact, metric sockets, metric wrenches, drill and bits, breaker bar,
line wrench, support jack, and a cut-off wheel
Explorer Pro Comp 6-inch Lift PN K6002BMX Retail $1,700
Pro Comp Xtreme A/T 265/65R18 Retail $360 (four needed)
Pro Comp Series 6089 wheels Retail $200 (four needed)
Total Cost: $3,940
(not including tax or labor)
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