This is it, the final phase of our stocker to SS custom body-style transformation. Up to this point, we had GO-EZ in Placentia, California, tub the fenders so that the suspension could accommodate 22s and had 714 Motorsports in Huntington Beach, California, bolt-on an SS-style front clip from Late Model Restoration Supply. Now, it was time to lay on the paints.

We tapped Kelly & Sons Crazy Painters in Bellflower, California, to spray on the black and copper two-tone and silver flames. Mitch Kelly oversaw the job and mixed and sprayed the paints. John and Shaggy prepped the truck and did all of the bodywork. Tom Kelly-the legendary pinstriper, airbrusher, and all-around custom-paint guru-designed the flame graphic and brushed on the pinstripes. What we didn't show was the bodywork that was done to the truck ahead of time. The Silverado was in decent shape for an '01, but some previous custom projects, factory flaws, and a few dings had left their marks, which motivated the Kelly & Son crew to do about 30 hours of bodywork to tighten up the truck and smooth it all out. After that, it was all about laying on the Vibrance colors made by PPG colors. Read on for how we went about turning Project Intimidator into a candy-metallic rock star.