During the late '90s, Cadillac reasserted itself as the epitome of overstated luxury with the Escalade. That image was burnished by customizers who bought the pricey SUV and then threw down their credit cards to buy big wheels, designer upholsteries, wallet-wounding audio and video-you name it. But, not everybody could afford to pour buckets of Benjamins over a vehicle that already had them bumping against their credit limiter. Thankfully, the guys at 714 Motorsports found a possible solution to this problem. They decided to start, not with a pricey '07 Escalade but with its more reasonably priced sibling, an '07 Chevrolet Tahoe, by replacing the distinctively Chevy body components with those from Cadillac, using OE parts in the process.

An Escalade is really just a finely dressed Tahoe, so disguising a Tahoe to resemble its upscale relative was not a big deal. It was simply a matter of swapping the factory badging, mirrors, some body components, and a few other parts. However, 714 Motorsports took the project even further by replacing some of the new factory Cadillac components with aftermarket sparkle from Asanti, Lexani, and Iced Out Emz. This upped the financial ante significantly, but hey, if you got the money ... Read on to discover how they did the transformation.