From the Driver SeatInstalling the overlay was a breeze. We only ran into two-easily preventable-snags. First off, the needle stops, known as the little black push-in pieces that prevent the needles from going past zero, did not really fit the new overlay very well. Because of this, they do not point perpendicular with the overlay and are crooked. Also, one of the four needle stops fell out during installation, and it of course, fell down inside of the steering column somewhere. Now, when the lights are on, we have a bright white light shining from the overlay with nothing attractive to fill the hole. The second snag came when the actual needle mounting stem supplied in the kit broke when we tried to pull it off with the supplied removal tool. The tachometer needle wasn't at a true zero and after pulling it straight off, and despite using the tool, it simply snapped off at the base. This set us back half an hour, as we made a trip to the parts store for super glue and attempted to glue it back together perfectly perpendicular. We did it, and it does work alright now, but it was a real inconvenience. Overall, we like the new looks; even though the numbers are more of a teal than a true blue when lit up.

Your Questions Answered:Time Spent Working: 1 hour and 15 minutesDegree of Difficulty: Beginner

Tools Needed: 9/32 socket or nut driver, Phillips screwdriverParts Used: US Speedo stainless overlay and needles SSF01B $259.95

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