Time Spent Working: 3 Hours
Degree of Difficulty: Beginner
Tools Needed: Screwdriver (Phillips and standard), wire cutters, wire crimpers, standard sockets, and a ratchet.
Parts Used:
Matrix Smoked LED taillights for SuperCrew 09-2043-LS $249.95
Matrix Smoked LED third brake light for SuperCrew 09-480-B $99.95
Powermaster 200-amp alternator 47764 3G natural $313.95
(Pricing from
Strut Wear Manhattan crimped-wire mesh grille (upper and lower) $4,500 Digital Xetronic HID 8,000K 9006 headlights $459.00
Total Cost: $5,622.85

From The Driver SeatBeing big fans of lights, we knew this truck would be equipped with the best available, and after three hours of easy work, it is. The HIDs are super bright and crystal clear, without being too obtrusive to oncoming motorists. The install was a breeze and the weather-tight connections ensure there is no wiring problems. In regards to the LED taillights and third brake light, everything was simply plug and play. The third brake light was a little finicky, as the terminals had to be straightened out from the package after rattling around during shipping. Juice is no longer an issue, thanks to the killer Powermaster alternator. The voltage gauge doesn't even flutter under a full load. As far as the four month's mortgage, also known as the Strut Wear grille, it is really nice. It was a tough decision to blow the budget on a single item, all in the name of being different, but one we can live with after seeing the front end fully dressed up.

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