The No. 1 enemy of a truck bed is rust. Using a truck for what it was built for means hauling anything and everything, throwing stuff in the bed, and beating it up on a daily basis. Through using it day in and day out, many of the nicks and chips break through the paint and leave bare metal exposed to the elements. Vortex Spray Liners spray-on bedliners not only bond to the metal bed to create a weather-tight seal, but also the polyurethane and polyurea blend is 100-percent solid, can be applied in different textures, at very low psi, and can be color-matched to more than 200 colors.

The best thing about the Vortex system is the portability. The machine can be rolled wherever you need it to go, which makes the applications countless.

We called up the pros at Vortex when our Project Sinatra F-150 was in need of a new bed coating. During the seven years we've owned the truck, the bed has never been touched. Dents and scratches were kept to a minimum, by adding the BedRug we had in it, but our SuperCrew was still in need of a more durable bed coating. We were at the Vortex facility in Foothill Ranch, California, when the doors opened; we were back in the office by lunch time. Check out the pictures to see how your bed can go from exposed to fully protected, too.