Shaving your door handles is a big step in several key areas. First off, you are making a commitment towards a real custom ride. Second, you're trusting someone else can do the bodywork. And third, you believe the product being installed will not permanently lock you out of your ride. We've had dozens of trucks with shaved doors and will admit there are pros and cons with eliminating the handles. A clean truck, however, with no obstructions on the body is a show-winning combination and we believe that once done right, shaved door handles should be considered a custom-truck must.

We've shown you how to perform the bodywork in recent issues, but in this installment we wanted to show you how easy the actual installation of the solenoids, poppers, and wiring is to accomplish. To help us, we went to AudioToyz in Las Flores, California, where Jesse installed a set of SPAL 40-pound solenoids. We felt reassured installing the SPAL components in our project truck, because all of the products are made in the USA and rigorously tested to meet strict requirements. It only took about an hour and a half to have our doors popping open with the push of a button. Check out the photos to see if your truck is in need of shaved handles.