In today's economy, custom truck enthusiasts are holding onto their vehicles longer. Even a high-mileage '98 Tahoe daily driver deserves a second chance. It is amazing what some minor bodywork, paint, and polish action can do. Helping you see just how easy it is to makeover a 10-year-old truck, we went to work making a beat truck look new again. To raise the visual impact bar even higher, we bolted on new front and rear bumpers, grille, headlights, parking lights, side markers, and taillights. It took years off of our older ride. This is how we did it.

Body and Paint
We contacted the folks at Summit Racing, who are known for their enormous performance racing parts mail-order business. Because they are always looking to provide new quality products for the performance consumer, Summit Racing has recently introduced a new custom paint and auto refinishing system. The product line includes prep fillers, 2K Urethane and epoxy primers, pre-paint surface washes, paint activators, reducers, a rainbow of Universal Urethane colors, and clearcoats.

Rick Sepulveda and his team at Anaheim Prestige Custom Paint in Anaheim, California, were willing to take on the Tahoe makeover. The Summit Racing auto refinishing products we will be using on the Tahoe are: Evercoat Rage body filler, epoxy primer, activator, reducer, surface wash, urethane pure white, omaha orange, and urethane clear topcoat. After removing the front bumper, grille, lights, rear bumper roof rack, taillights, side mirrors, and weather striping, it was time to correct any body imperfections to regain the Tahoe's original shape and flawless complexion.

Truck Dress-Up
After a fresh color change to your truck or SUV, the best way to complete the entire body and paint package is to replace the original and typically damaged or abused front bumper, grille, side markers, headlights, parking lights, rear bumper, and taillight covers with new parts. We contacted Long Motor Corporation (LMC) in Lenexa, Kansas, who is one of the world's leading truck and SUV accessory suppliers specializing in everything from exterior body panels, bumpers, grilles, lights, and interior components for both early and late-model Chevy, GMC, Dodge, and Ford trucks.

LMC trucks products were a major contributor to the Tahoe makeover. The front features an LMC chrome grille, crystalline headlights, crystalline parking lights, side markers, front bumper with round fog lights, and lower air deflector. The rear received a new step bumper with top pads and smoked taillight covers. It's amazing how simple cosmetic changes can erase a decade of miles. LMC components will provide you a new look for your old rust bucket.