From the Driver Seat
The team at Anaheim Prestige Body and Paint had nothing but positive comments from the body and paint specialists that worked with the new Summit Racing automotive refinishing system. The Summit epoxy primer sprayed evenly, built up well, cured quickly, and was easy to sand. The Summit acrylic urethane Omaha Orange and Pure White color coats covered very well, leaving no blemishes or streaks. The Summit Racing clearcoat went on heavy without running and cured quick and hard.

The LMC Truck exterior components were major contributors to the Tahoe's body makeover. The superior quality and fitment of the LMC exterior components gave the Tahoe a complete updated transformation.

Your Questions Answered

Time Spent Working
Body and Paint: 2 Weeks
LMC Accessories: 4 Hours

Degree Of Difficulty
Body and Paint: Professional
LMC components: Beginner

Tools Needed:
Body and Paint: SATA Jet 3000 paint gun, IWATA Revolution HP-CR airbrush, paint booth, DA sander, DeWalt electric buffer, assorted sand paper, sanding blocks, dent puller and MIG welder, LMC Accessories: Assorted metric, standard wrenches, and sockets, wire stripers/crimpers.

Parts Used:

Summit Racing
Summit Evercoat Rage Body Filler MDS-SE106 $34.95
Summit Epoxy Primer (gray) SUM-UP230 gal.$49.95
Summit Epoxy Catalyst SUM-UP231 gal.$39.95
Summit Surface Wash SUM-UP403 qrt.$9.95
Summit Pure White SUM-UP301 gal.$79.95
Summit Omaha Orange SUM-UP306 gal.$79.95
Summit Zero-VOC Reducer SUM-UP405 qrt.$9.95
Summit Urethane Activator SUM-UP101 qrt.$19.95
Summit Urethane Clearcoat SUM-UP200 gal.$59.95
House of Kolor Lime Green Lime Green $24.87
Total Cost: $419.42