It should come as no surprise that Webasto, the world leader in aftermarket sunroofs, has released another really cool addition to your truck that looks, performs, and enhances just like optional factory equipment. It may surprise you, however, to find out how cost-effective a sunroof installation is and how much value it adds to your truck's bottom line. Often times, checking the sunroof box at your local dealership means also agreeing to a "premium" or other overly-dramatized package deal that quickly adds up to thousands of extra dollars, with parts you don't want or need. Thankfully, Webasto has a new line of inbuilt series of sunroofs that incorporate twin vents for the ultimate in form and function. Dubbed the Hollandia TVS 900 ST, this sunroof is the world's first true twin vent sunroof and allows you to control both glass panes, including combining them for a true open-air feeling. An illuminated control panel uses Soft Touch technology to easily open, close, vent, and even program your favorite position. Optional rain sensors and automatic closing upon ignition shutoff are just a few of the new Hollandia features. With a three year/36,000-mile warranty, you get peace of mind on your investment, and at $1,095, you don't have to check every option at your dealership just to get a bit of fresh air in your truck.

Cutting into a perfectly good, brand-new truck isn't for the faint of heart; however, with the proper tools and some skill, this install isn't going to take you all weekend long. A full day, from start to finish, is the average install time (with a buddy to help support and lift), and Webasto includes good directions to make measuring, cutting, and wiring as explained as possible. The owner of this '09 GMC Denali loves the Webasto Hollandia TVS 900 ST sunroof and uses it on a daily basis. Up front, the large wind deflector brings in fresh air and doesn't do it with a lot of wind noise. Getting into the truck and looking up, you'd never know the sunroof wasn't a factory piece and without all the other extras, the owner saved thousands of dollars.


Time Spent Working: 8 Hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Professional

Tools Needed:
Plastic trim panel tools, screwdrivers, tape measure, drill, air chisel, air nibbler, disc sander or small grinder, jigsaw, spray adhesive

Parts Used:
Webasto Hollandia TVS 900 ST Sunroof $1,095.00

Total: $1,095.00
(Price from Webasto, does not include installation and sales tax)

15083 North Road
MI  48430
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