After slamming the suspension, it was time to resculpture our '50 Chevy Suburban project. In order to deliver the ultimate wow factor on project Sublime, it was decided to alter its profile with five major body mods: We chopped the roof and sectioned the body side panels, cowl, hood, and doors.

To physically hammer the fat 'n sassy 'Burban, it was very important to keep the body alterations proportional. These fat-fendered '48-'54 body style trucks and SUV's have tall doors and side body panels. Chopping only the top three inches through the windows and windshield would exaggerate the height of doors and body panels. To keep the 'Burban's profile proportional, the doors, body panels, cowl, and hood would be sectioned an even three inches. The 'Burban's two-piece split windshield was removed in order to graft a '52 Chevy coupe one-piece radiused windshield, along with A-pillars, and top of the cowl onto the 'Burban's cowl.

To accomplish these critical body transformations we called on Dan Dowdy and Dale Taylor at Street Rods by Dowdy in Dolan Springs, Arizona. The customizing experience between these two metal masters is damn near a hundred years. Dan and Dale were definitely the right sheetmetal sculptors for the job. A total of 6 inches of metal was removed from the old 'Burban's body to totally change its profile.

Follow along as we will show you how these mind-blowing body changes were created by Dan and Dale.

When dreaming of building my custom '50 Chevy Suburban "Sublime", I had visions of cruising up and down Pacific Coast Highway in a chopped, sectioned, pancaked, and slammed custom ride. The body profile would be proportionally altered creating a metal sculptured masterpiece and Street Rods by Dowdy pulled it off!

Dream it, build it, drive it and show it.


Time Spent Working: 32 Hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Advanced

Tools Needed:
Sawzall, tape measure, straight edge, MIG welder, body hammer, body palm dolly, plasma cutter, Eastwood shrinker/stretcher, disc grinder, acetylene torch, Crescent wrench, assorted 3/8-inch drive standard sockets, 3/8-inch drive socket, assorted combination wrenches, disc sander, 3M Scotch-Brite pads, Urofill urethane buff primer 10-2234, activator 10-2233, Sata-92 spray gun, Hypertherm Power-Max 380 plasma cutter

Parts Used:
Hagan Street Rod Necessities hidden door hinges '50 Chevrolet Suburban PNHHH Retail price $395.00 (2 doors)

Total: $395.00
(prices from and does not include labor, tax, shipping, or the cost of installation)

Street Rods By Dowdy
P.O. Box 308
Dolan Springs
AZ  86441
Hagan Street Rod Necessities
721 W. Monroe Street
New Bremen
OH  45869
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