OK, let's just get it right out there in the open. The '97-'03 F-150s aren't the best-looking trucks on the planet. There we said it. Before all of you Blue Oval die-hards have a fit, let us clarify. It's not that the trucks are bad, it's just that they look tame compared to the bold looks of '04 and later models. Their curvy bodywork garnered a lot of criticism when the body style debuted, but there's a simple way to get a totally fresh look; an '03-'06 Expedition clip. Thanks to the fact that Expeditions and F-150s share door and firewall designs, their front sheetmetal is interchangeable. Well, almost.

There are a few issues, as we'll point out, but for the most part, the more modern, masculine front clip just requires years of bodywork skill, or time, one or the other. We opened up LMC Truck's catalog and got everything we needed for the swap. We then delivered the parts, along with the truck, to South County Auto Body, a local shop that's done several front clip swaps and custom work for us over the years. We also couldn't just have a stock Expedition front clip, so we visited Street Scene's website and ordered one of their bumper covers to set the truck apart even more. Check out how we got an entirely different look on our decade-old truck.