The end result speaks for itself. If you're like us, you'll agree that the new front clip provides the truck with a much more modern look. Some fabrication was involved, but anyone with a welder could accomplish that. The real difficult part was aligning the fenders. Javier has years of experience and knew how to manipulate the shims to get the desired results and get nice, even panel gaps, but you might need to spend the better part of a day getting things right with the good old-fashioned guess-and-check method. On the plus side, LMC's catalog contains exploded diagrams of everything you'd need to do the job yourself, so it was easy to find the parts we would need.


Time Spent Working: Approx. one week, it was an off-and-on project
Degree Of Difficulty: Moderate

Parts Used:
LMC Aluminum Hood Panel 49-9993-T $399.95
LMC Front Bumper Cover Assembly 49-9790-T $299.95
LMC Front Fender LH 49-8690-T $99.95
LMC Front Fender RH 49-8691-T $99.95
LMC Grille Reinforcement Panel 49-2525 $69.95
LMC Bumper Cover Hardware Kit 40-0094 $24.95
LMC Front Bumper Reinforcement 49-9524-T $79.95
LMC Bumper Hardware Kit-12 pc 40-0089 $89.95
LMC Black Headlight Assembly LH 47-4782 $149.95
LMC Black Headlight Assembly RH 47-4783 $149.95
Street Scene Gen 1 Front Valance 950-70831 $249.95
Street Scene Main Grille 950-77712 $116.95
Street Scene Lower Valance Grille 950-77831 $61.95

Total: $1,893.35
(Prices from LMC Truck, Summit Racing and Street Scene and do not include tax, shipping, or labor)

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