Each year the truck manufacturers try to outdo each other and come out with a better suspension than the other guys. This keeps aftermarket suspension companies in business, since they have to adapt their kits to the ever-changing trucks coming out of Michigan. One of these companies is McGaughy's. Hailing from Fresno, California, McGaughy's is one of the only companies that offer kits for both lifting and lowering. This means that they have to work twice as hard when it comes to developing new kits for the new trucks.

When McGaughy's approached us about testing out their new 8-inch lift kit for Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks, we jumped at the opportunity. That much fender clearance meant we needed larger wheels and tires. Since the truck we had was a Ram 3500 dualie, we called up one of the elite wheel companies in the dualie wheel scene, American Force. They got us a set of 22x8¼-inch Fusion dualie wheels and a set of 8-lug to 10-lug wheel adapters. Knowing that we wanted a tough-looking truck with off-road-ready tires, we ordered a set of 37-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers. After loading up the truck, we headed over to Total Auto Pros in Phoenix. Their ASE-certified installers were fully capable of getting this Ram lifted in minimal time. Follow along to see how Total Auto Pros gave this Ram dualie a whole new attitude with parts from McGaughys, American Force, and Nitto.