The new SnugLid tonneau cover fits the truck's clean and simple theme perfectly, and thanks to SnugTop's precise factory paint-matching, we didn't even have to have it painted.

What is it that makes a truck a truck? The answer is simple: the infinitely versatile storage space known as the bed. Whether you're hauling lumber, moving furniture, transporting engines for your next project, or bringing home that new flat-screen, the bed always comes in handy. However, the one downside of the truck bed is its total lack of security. Anything stored in the bed is left wide open to the elements, wildlife, thieves, and other potential threats. Fortunately, adding a locking tonneau cover solves this problem, and that's exactly what we chose to do for Blue Bomber, our 2011 Silverado project. To obtain a high-quality tonneau for our Chevy, we turned to the experts at SnugTop in Long Beach, California. SnugTop has been making truck caps and covers since way back in 1965, and they hooked our Silverado up with a paint-matched SnugLid that both looks great and secures the bed. Follow along to see just how quick and easy this upgrade was.

1711 Harbor Avenue
Long Beach
CA  90813