When committing to building an award-winning and feature-worthy custom truck or SUV, it must have every aspect covered. The suspension, wheels, tires, engine, exterior, interior, and audio-entertainment system must be 100 percent. To find out how some of these crazy audio-sound systems are designed and installed we hooked up with Danny Hentges at 3rd Element Design in Ontario, California. Danny will expose us to his talents as a designer, fabricator, audio-sound engineer, and installer.

We will be observing his creative talents as he installs an award-winning sound system into an '06 Ford F-150 SuperCrew that will blow you away.

From the Driver Seat:There is no doubt, $21,000+ is pretty much out of the ballpark for most average Joes. But, we thought we would let you see what goes into an insane show-quality custom interior and sound system.

It was a pleasure watching as Danny Hentges and Cory Saint Clair worked together on this insane interior. They both have gifted visionary minds, it was amazing how their brain waves worked in sync. They began to make simple cardboard patterns, then cut out some medium density fiberboard (MDF) soundboard pieces, and glued them together to make a rough center console, subwoofer enclosure, door panel, and speaker pod. Then, the skeletal structure was covered with cotton polyester (sweatshirt material) or fiberglass cloth, then the surface was saturated with resin. After the resin and cloth have cured, the surface was then sanded smooth. The surface imperfections were then filled with body filler and sanded smooth. Transforming a rough, abstract object to a finished sculptured piece of art.

After the door panels, center console, subwoofer enclosure, and speaker pods were smoothed, the pieces were ready for sealer and primer.