When committing to building an award-winning and feature-worthy custom truck or SUV, it must have every aspect covered. The suspension, wheels, tires, engine, exterior, interior, and audio-entertainment system must be 100 percent. To find out how some of these crazy audio-sound systems are designed and installed we hooked up with Danny Hentges at 3rd Element Design in Ontario, California. Danny will expose us to his talents as a designer, fabricator, audio-sound engineer, and installer.

We will be observing his creative talents as he installs an award-winning sound system into an '06 Ford F-150 SuperCrew that will blow you away.

From the Driver Seat:There is no doubt, $21,000+ is pretty much out of the ballpark for most average Joes. But, we thought we would let you see what goes into an insane show-quality custom interior and sound system.

It was a pleasure watching as Danny Hentges and Cory Saint Clair worked together on this insane interior. They both have gifted visionary minds, it was amazing how their brain waves worked in sync. They began to make simple cardboard patterns, then cut out some medium density fiberboard (MDF) soundboard pieces, and glued them together to make a rough center console, subwoofer enclosure, door panel, and speaker pod. Then, the skeletal structure was covered with cotton polyester (sweatshirt material) or fiberglass cloth, then the surface was saturated with resin. After the resin and cloth have cured, the surface was then sanded smooth. The surface imperfections were then filled with body filler and sanded smooth. Transforming a rough, abstract object to a finished sculptured piece of art.

After the door panels, center console, subwoofer enclosure, and speaker pods were smoothed, the pieces were ready for sealer and primer.

Cory, airbrush artist extraordinaire, applied multi-coats of primer and sealer. The interior components were then sprayed with House of Kolor White basecoat. Cory laid down a couple of coats of House of Kolor Kandy Marine Blue, then airbrushed a continuous black/white water line that interlinked every interior panel and dash. This was finished by the panels and dash with floating bubbles.

The audio sound and visual components were interlinked with each other, which made for an insane entertainment system.

To complete this concert-hall chamber, the factory headliner was recovered in dark-gray suede. The four factory bucket seats were covered with high-quality Katzkin Tuscan leather.

If you think the interior components were amazing, then you should hear the thunderous clarity and entertaining visual effects. It was truly a ka-boom! experience.

Qty. Description PN Retail Price
(4) 12-inch Momo Series subwoofers MM124 $169.95 ea.
(3) AMPS 100WX4 C400 $449.95 ea.
(2) AMPS 500WX1 C500 $449.00 ea.
(3)JL 6-1/2-inch two-way crossovers $239.95 ea.
(1) Ramm Audio matt $750.00 ea.
(3) HC-2000 Kinetik power cells $399.00 ea.
(5) ACT TV monitors ACT M104FD $260.00 ea.
(1) Alpine Hub Pro VPAB222 $510.00 ea.
(1) Alpine DVD/Video/CD/MP3 DVA 5210 $200.00 ea.
(1) Play-Station (hidden in dash)   $180.00 ea.
Tsunami Audio Sound power/ground cables $200.00 ea.
Tsunami Audio Sound RCA interconnects $400.00 ea.
Sub Total $8,384.50
(1) Custom center console 4-12" Subwoofers $2,800.00 ea.
(4) Custom door panels (4) $950.00 ea.
(1) Custom dash (center speaker pod, monitor) $1,300.00 ea.
Sub Total $7,900.00
(1) US Speedo Aquamarine gauges $200.00 ea.
(1) Katzkin Leather (4) custom seat covers $899.00 ea
(1) Suede headliner $800.00 ea.
(4) Suede door panel inserts $50.00 ea.
Sub Total $2,099.00
Billet Accessories:
(4) Window switches (URP Products) $210.00 ea.
(4) Door locks $50.00 ea.
(1) Shift lever $45.00 ea.
(1) Turn-indicator lever $45.00 ea
(1) Defroster vent cover $120.00 ea.
Sub Total $1,250.00
Complete interior audio sound system $19,633.50
All Sales Manufacturing
3rd Element Designs
Ramm Audio
12357 Reva St.
CA  90703
Katzkin Leather
6868 Acco St.
CA  90640
UPR Products
750 S Eastcoast St.
Lake Worth
FL  33460
Kinetik Batteries
5352 Jackman Rd. Unit A
OH  43613
Tsunami Audio Traffic Jam
Roundwood 22
ME  04074
Polk Audio
US Speedo
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