From the Driver Seat

We've installed dozens of dash overlays, but this all-in-one complete cluster from Simco is the best solution to a gauge upgrade for a Ford we've used. Easy to install and really nice looking, the new unit instantly upgrades the dash from the boring all-black factory equipment. Our interior definitely looks first-class now with the addition of the Phoenix Imaging pieces. The pieces are coated and not altered in any other way, they fit just like factory pieces, because they are the factory Ford pieces. We did have to wait longer than expected, but now that everything is back in place, it was worth the wait.

Your Questions Answered

Time spent workng: Approximately 3 hours (Although, we did wait for the parts for about 3 weeks)

Degree of difficulty: Beginner

Tools Needed: Interior trim removal tool, Torx bits, screwdrivers, and pliers

Parts Used:Phoenix Imaging straight grain black brushed aluminum interior coating: Price varies

Simco Limited Silver Series instrument cluster 2026-704 $349.99


Phoenix Imaging(903)

Simco Ltd.(810)