Coming up with one of the brightest (literally) ideas we've seen in a long time- the Rayzer RS is a one-of-a-kind, wide beam driving light invented in Europe, designed to help rally car drivers improve their nighttime driving performance. How do you provide a new spin on an old situation? The Rayzer RS is a new lighting package located inside the vehicle. A special mounting bracket holds the module tightly against the windshield and it is hardly visible from inside, positioned directly behind the rearview mirror. Compact in size but big on performance, the Rayzer RS comes into its own when the sun goes down. Wirelessly triggered by the high beam switch, the HID Xenon bulbs convert night into day. Providing three times more illumination than standard headlights, the lights in the Rayzer are rated at 3,000 hours or about five years of normal driving. Mounting was a snap. Using a docking plate that's attached to the windshield, the carbon fiber Rayzer module easily snapped in place behind the rearview mirror. Follow along while, Mike Ohren, ace electronics technician, accomplished the simple task of adding new lights and increased nighttime safety to our project truck.