If you are looking to improve your truck or SUVs exterior lighting performance and style, then you need to check out what LMC Truck has to offer. LMC Truck has factory replacement style headlights and taillights or if you want to upgrade to the Euro look, these easy bolt-on lights will change your ride's appearance during day and nighttime driving.

LMC Truck LED taillights will illuminate 140 times faster than conventional incandescent bulbs. This delivers a gain of 20-plus feet of reaction distance. These LMC LED taillights are direct replacement for factory taillights and are made to factory specifications, requiring no modifications to fit. These LMC taillights feature LED's for brake lights, parking lights, and turn signals. The backup lights use original factory bulbs. Additional LED benefits are a longer lifespan (can last up to 20,000 hours), and since they have no filament, they are less sensitive to vibrations, use 15-percent less electric energy than incandescent bulbs, and they emit less heat.

To help us change out the factory headlights and taillights we delivered our '07 Ford F-150 to The Custom Truck Shop in San Dimas, California, where Louie Morosan and J.T. Turner installed the new LMC illuminants at each corner. Follow along as Louie and J.T. turn their wrenches while improving the '07 Ford F-150's appearance.