Since we've been conditioning our '09 Dodge Ram show truck to be the ultimate custom street hauler, there were a few creature comforts that were still missing from the equation. Since we drive the Ram around town often, we wanted it to be equipped with a safety feature that all fullsize trucks should have onboard-a backup camera. A backup camera is literally an eye in the back of your head, and is extremely helpful when in Reverse since backing into a pole or a sweet old lady is never a good thing. Both can leave a sizable dent in the tailgate or roll pan, and with a color video feed glowing from the head unit, an all-angle viewing area is available at the center of the dash.

Another in-cab amenity we've had our eyes on has nothing to do with safety, but has everything to do with increasing convenience and giving into our addiction to the Internet. Mopar's UConnect Web mobile Wi-Fi router will give us access to the Web anywhere we happen to be cruising via a 3G mobile browsing technology. Do we really need such a luxury? Of course we do. What would a true showpiece be without every single bell and whistle available?

Follow along as Joe and Brad Provenzano, resident mobile entertainment specialists at Audio Innovations, in Glendora, California, introduce our Ram to a lesson in advanced gadgetry.

The installation of the backup camera kit was easy, and the wiring of the Wi-Fi router was even easier. In a couple of hours, our project Ram was equipped with a valuable safety tool, as well as a new toy for us to play with when driving around town-as if riding in this truck wasn't already a blast to begin with! If you're looking to protect the rear end of your truck with improved vision, we strongly recommend installing the camera, and if it's a constant attachment to fast Internet connectivity you desire, Mopar's Wi-Fi router is a must. Just don't go trying to show off by using both items simultaneously-this is our only disclaimer.


Time Spent Working: Combined install time of 4.5 hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Intermediate (Wiring skills help)

Tools Needed:
Cordless drill, step drill bit, air saw, wire cutters and crimpers, tape measure, screwdriver assortment

Parts Used:
Spal backup camera kit N/A (Contact Spal for availability)
Mopar UConnect Web mobile Wi-Fi router $499.99

Total: $499.99
(Prices from Spal and McPeek's Dodge of Anaheim, and do not include shipping, tax, or installation charges)

Audio Innovations
431 E Route 66
CA  91740
McPeek's Dodge of Anaheim
1221 South Auto Center Drive
CA  92806
1731 SE Oralabor Road