Manufacturers do a good job of making sure the components on vehicles leaving their plants function properly. But they also need to make money, meaning skimping here and there is an acceptable practice. While the factory head and taillights work just fine, they don’t offer that touch of customization we all want our trucks to have. Luckily for us, Recon makes good-looking and functional light upgrades for all types of trucks that are easy to install.

Wanting to upgrade the lights on our fourth-gen Ram 1500 project, we called up Andy’s Auto Sport and ordered new Recon halo projector headlights, LED taillights, and an LED third brake light. Andy’s offers a lot more than lights too; they carry thousands of parts for just about every make and model of truck. Within a couple of days, we had the lights in hand and pulled the truck into our Tech Center in Irvine, California. Follow along as we make our Ram a bit brighter and more personalized thanks to Andy’s Auto Sport.

Andy’s Auto Sport
6200 North Hiatus Road
FL  33321