Lifted trucks are a lot of fun, but when entering or exiting a lifted truck, the exact opposite becomes true -- the taller the truck, the more effort necessary to reach your simple goal. Kids, dogs, groceries, your aging mother, and any load in the bed just add to the frustration. If your truck is taller than you, then steps would be quite helpful.

AMP Research has been making the Powerstep for a number of years now, and we keep coming back to them because of the simplicity by which the boards install and how great they look on any vehicle. Seriously, any manufacturer’s truck or SUV will benefit from having the AMP Powerstep boards installed on it. Does your factory luxury SUV has powered, retractable steps? You can thank AMP Research and its OEM Integration program. Follow along as we install a set of Powerstep boards on a lifted Ford F-150, and see just how easy it is, then decide for yourself.

Amp Research
15651 Mosher Ave
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