Our Fantastic Four series has been showcasing many manufacturers and products for your trucks. We've seen quite a few of the truck models that readers have been asking about, and this month we'll be looking into taking some daylight out from underneath an '06 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab two-wheel drive. We talked to Sport Truck Direct in Phoenix and ordered a Western Chassis 4/6-drop with Air Lift Slam Air Load helper 'bags. Continental laid a set of 265/35R22 ContiCrossContact UHP tires on us and we stuffed some 22x9-1/2-inch American Racing Cryptic Black wheels into them. Feeding our addiction for more power, we sought Volant's fully enclosed cold-air intake and one of its polished stainless after-cat exhaust systems. Being the only truck magazine that matters didn't make us superstars; as during this build we had a shop begging for some exposure but didn't return any of our calls. With no time left to get this truck finished, we fell back on the professionals at HTS Innovative Design in Simi Valley, California. HTS received a phone call on Friday evening and had our truck on the rack first thing Saturday morning. Now that's what we call super customer service