Our '01 Ford Supercrew, which has been dubbed Project Sinatra, has been languishing in a sad state of disarray and ill running for some time, so we thought it was time to give some life back to our ride. For any of you who don't recall the truck, it was featured on our cover way back in July 2001. Back then, it was rolling on 20-inch wheels and had been 'bagged. Then a bit later, it was suddenly lifted with 33s and 16-inch wheels. Of course, the truck was supercharged and had an after-cat exhaust. For a while, it was a parts runner, a daily driver, and an overall employee wreck. We never did have the 4.6L V-8 running quite right-since the engine never had an intake, there weren't any headers on the truck, and the after-cat would make some crazy rattling noises. We wanted to represent it properly, so we sought the assistance of Ford superstars, BBK. They sent us boxes of parts, along with Brian Rogers to install them while we clicked off pictures of the build. Brian beat his knuckles to death and our Ford even managed to draw blood, but in the end we won the war and spun the engine hard on the dyno. After messing around with a couple of different exhaust setups, we couldn't quite figure out why our SuperCrew was still lolly-gagging with a blower shoving 6 psi of atmosphere into it. A trip to MagnaFlow answered all of our questions and more. Check it out.