The claim of 70 hp in 3 hours is a genuine claim. No b.s. here. Our Project Sinatra F-150 may be just like your truck. It had several common bolt-on performance mods, including an Allen Engineering supercharger; but it was never tuned, was using the stock injectors, and didn't have great driveability. Another problem we had was the errant reading speedometer. Larger wheels and tires, combined with 4.10 gears, left our speedo with an offreading of 10 mph. This was not only adding miles to the odometer, it was also annoying. If this sounds familiar, please don't be disgruntled; we have the answer you've been looking for. With the supercharger pushing roughly 5.5 psi into the stock 4.6L, the engine needed fuel to compensate. It also needed better timing parameters and a stable spark to make sure the atomization was occurring consistently.

Solving these vital issues were larger 42 lb/hr Ford Racing injectors, Autolite Iridium spark plugs, a DiabloSport Predator tuner, and a professional dyno tune, courtesy of Steve Ridout of Powertrain Dynamics in Huntington Beach, California. These components teamed together to create a 4.6L that would make a 5.4L Lightning owner proud. The results speak for themselves: a 70hp-peak gain, a much-flatter torque curve, longer and stronger transmission shifts that go to redline, and a part-throttle response that is as different as night and day. If your truck has parts that should be making more power, but you feel it doesn't meet your requirements, consider a tuning, then let the computer do the wrenching for you.