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Time Spent Working: Approximately 3 hours Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate (Although changing air-fuel parameters is not to be done by the novice, and should be left to a professional.)

Tools needed: A 5/8-inch spark-plug socket, an extension, a universal joint, a magnet, an 8mm socket, a screwdriver, a fuel-pressure tester, and a spark-plug gap tool

Parts Used:

Autolite XP Iridium XP103 spark plugs (8) $63.60 (Pricing from
DiabloSport Predator tuner U7153 $399.95 (Pricing from
Ford Racing 42lb injectors M-9593-F302 $399.95 (Pricing from
Fram Tough Guard TG2 oil filter $8.95 (Pricing from
Powertrain Dynamics dyno tune $275.00
Quaker State Q-power 5W-50 oil (6qts) $35.94

Total Cost: $1,183.40
(Price does not include tax)

From the Driver Seat

Dynamometers put an end to many of the false and ridiculous horsepower claims being barked to the consumer from fly-by-night aftermarket companies. Whereas, there are still false claims, and plenty of fake performance accessories on the Internet, the legitimate companies have stepped up to the plate and are now delivering real technologies to trucks and SUVs. A perfect example of this is the DiabloSports Predator tuner. Dyno numbers vary from Mustang dyno, to Dynojet, to several others, but once a baseline number is registered and that same dyno is used, consistent dyno numbers can be obtained. Seventy-hp in the peak power band. The quicker, more responsive acceleration and full boost that is perfectly tuned to the air-fuel ratio is a work of art. Steve has a knowledge of tuning and engines that rivals any custom tuner. With the know-how and a chassis dyno, it's no wonder our truck runs like a racehorse now.

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Powertrain Dynamics
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