From The Driver SeatAfter pulling out of Irvington Wheel and Brake, we gave the transmission some miles to get well lubricated and warmed up to operating temperature. While driving around town, we toyed with the Co-Pilot's settings and tried the torque converter lockup speeds between 5 and 35 mph, and found the speed the truck liked best without lugging the motor down. With a few acceleration "tests" in near triple-digit weather, we found the new ATS additions to the transmission to be just what the doctor had ordered. Of course, the E-Power Programmer let the 7.3L diesel really chew up the rear tires under heavy right-foot activity. Perfect! The transmission's shifts were crisp, there was plenty of power, too, and it was all being protected by the synthetic lubrication technology of Amsoil. We only got the thermostatically controlled fan on the trans cooler to come on once during the whole test. Safety at last.

Time Spent Working: Approximately 24 hours
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate
(Remove and replace transmission, transfer case, drivelines, and etc. Wiring of control modules for the trans cooler and Co-Pilot)
(1) ATS 5STAR-FO-MS Torque Converter MSRP $1,457.40
(1) ATS VB-FORD4R100-99-02 Valve Body MSRP $309.75
(1) ATS PAN-FO-5X-XD Deep Transmission Pan MSRP $351.75
(1) ATS DC-FO-12-10.25 Differential Cover MSRP $272.50
(1) ATS COPLT-F-99-03 Co-Pilot MSRP $602.70
(1) ATS 13700 External Trans Cooler MSRP $206.85
(1) ATS 13021 Trans Cooler Thermostat MSRP $69.30
(1) ATS EPOWER-F-Custom E-Power Programmer MSRP $519.75
(36) Amsoil ATF-QT Synthetic Tans Fluid MSRP $325.80
(12) Amsoil SVO-QT Severe Gear Synthetic Fluid MSRP $165.00
Total Costs: $4,280.80
(Without tax, installation, etc.)
Irvington Wheel And Brake
453000 Industrial Pl., #11
CA  94538
ATS Diesel Performance