We showed you the details of Reed Fullmer's '07 GMC Sierra, and we're sure you agree it's a nice truck. If you were wondering how they made more than 375 hp to the rear wheels and still received 15 mpg, we'll show you in this story.

MagnaCharger has long been known for making serious but safe horsepower, and when it came time to bolt-on some ponies to the Fullmer's daily-driven show truck, the choice was obvious. Just released for shipping when we arrived to install the blower, the new '07 Chevy and GMC supercharger system comes as an entire intake manifold with a Radix intercooled supercharger bolted onto it, complete with internal bypass valve, fuel injectors, and aluminum fuel rails. Also included in the kit is the MagnaVolt fuel pump booster, large front-mount water heat exchanger, air inlet tube, and all of the hardware in individually-wrapped bags. As an added bonus, MagnaCharger offers a three-year or 36,000 mile powertrain warranty for peace of mind.

When it came time to order one of these brand-new kits, we called Stylin' Trucks. As an authorized distributor of MagnaCharger, Stylin' has plenty of kits in stock and we had a kit shipped to us in no time. This supercharger system takes no prisoners and can be installed in less than a day. For our evaluation of the product, check out the From the Driver Seat section.

From The Driver Seat
Our test GMC was one of the first trucks with this new system from Magna Charger, and the end result was blatantly positive. Besides the huge increase in horsepower, torque was up throughout the powerband and could be felt at an incredibly low rpm. With the engine working more efficiently, the 5.3L actually produces better fuel mileage; that is, until the realization of having this much power hits Reed and he smashes the throttle. Popping the hood makes everyone smile who sees the large polished supercharger, and the install went pain-free. With the knowledge of the powertrain warranty available, a high-speed burst on the freeway knocked out all of the doldrums of the workday and kept the adrenaline flowing. For a video of this dyno run, go to truckinweb.com.

TOOLS NEEDED: Multiple metric sockets, pliers, flat screwdriver, drainpan, lb-ft torque wrench, and wire crimpers
PARTS USED: MagnaCharger Radix Intercooled supercharger system
011260041SL $6,069.99
(Price from stylintrucks.com)  
MagnaCharger Stylin' Trucks
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