Legions of Mopar fans rejoiced in 2003 when Dodge rereleased the Hemi in Dodge Ram trucks. Making 345 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque, these engines made power similar to overhead cam models, but cost less to manufacture. Nothing to sneeze at, the Ram lead the light-duty truck class with power and acceleration, but after placing several of these Dodge trucks on dynos, we've seen most of them average 240-250 hp to the rear wheels. With the new Rams receiving a little more power from the Hemi, ProCharger developed an intercooled supercharger system to wake up those lost ponies and roast the rear tires.

Complete with an air-to-air intercooler, a self-maintained blower unit, supplemental fuel injectors, powdercoated tubing, and separate tuning electronics, the ProCharger HO Hemi kit is able to make more than 400 hp on a dyno. That power makes the Ram a bullet, and most trucks will be looking at the taillights of the Mopar.

To help us perform the install, we contacted our buddies over at Chassis by Aaron Iha in Covina, California, where they can assemble darn near everything. It took them no time to get the Dodge ready, but their poor parking lot was never the same after some smoky burnouts. Check out the install, and see how easy it was to add serious power to a racing legend.