In our ever-challenging economy, saving money is of the utmost importance. Gas is at an all-time high with no relief in sight. Attempting to make the most of every $80 fill-up, we contacted Performance Products for a dual electric fan setup from Flex-a-lite.

Flex-a-lite fans are made from glass-reinforced nylon-injected molds, making them lightweight yet very strong. This kit came with two 15-inch puller fans and was equipped with a variable speed switch and adjustable thermostat for added cooling. These fans are guaranteed power-adders. How so? Because you take off your power-robbing fan clutch, that spins on the inertia created by your engine, which turns the water pump pulley. The catch is, the engine works harder once the clutch fan is engaged, which steals power from your engine and mpg from your wallet.

We saw this upgrade as a no-brainer. For the quick install, we headed over to Bogart Automotive in Mission Viejo, California, where the reputation for quality work was well-respected. Check out the photos of the install, and if your fan clutch is robbing your engine of power and mileage, give Performance Products a call for a Flex-a-lite fan.