After driving around with our new-found power from the exhaust, we made the decision to delve deeper into the EFI tuning to see what was lurking in the shadows. We knew there was plenty more to be had, but it needed to be coaxed out of hiding. With a couple parts in hand, we set off to Mira Loma, California, to visit with Ernie Mena and the crew of Westech Performance. Our visit there made substantial gains in not only the peak numbers, but in the overall drivability of the truck. Ernie spends plenty of time working every portion of the scale to create a smooth running engine from idle all the way to redline. With his tuning expertise, Blue Bomber now runs and drives just like it did when it was stock, but has a huge pile of tire shredding torque when the accelerator is mashed. Additionally, Ernie went into the transmission controls and dialed up firmer shifts with less overlap to keep the transmission fluid from heating up due to the soft shift parameters set at the factory.

Dynatech Headers
P.O. Box 548
977 Hyrock Blvd
IN  47601
Westech Performance
11098 Venture Drive
Unit C
Mira Loma
CA  91752
3176 Aiirway Ave
Costa Mesa
CA  92626
22961 Arroyo Vista
Rancho Santa Margarita
CA  92688