15. The factory MAF sensor was removed from the stock air filter system and mounted in the outlet side of the intercooler. ProCharger supplied a 60-inch extension harness to reach the MAF’s new location.

16. Cue the music! We were finally able to set the i-1 unit in place on its mount. ProCharger units normally ship with a satin finish or polished as an option. We went for the even newer wrinkle black finish for a stealthier underhood appearance.

17. Engineering of the mount was well thought out. All the hardware securing the supercharger to the mount was countersunk and visually appealing.

18. A 90-degree elbow was the final tube to complete the snake of piping between the ProCharger i-1 and the throttle body.

19. As we said, underhood space on the Ford is extremely limited. As such, the intake filter on the ProCharger was as large as possible while still fitting in the limited space between the firewall and the centrifugal case.

20. Lending to the racy appearance was the new fabricated coolant overflow tank. It bolted directly to the holes left from the removal of the lower airbox. It even utilized the factory cap off the original reservoir.

21. We strayed from the directions a bit when we installed the one-way check valve for the PCV system. Instead of just installing rubber tubing as directed, we actually cut apart the factory tube to obtain the original quick-lock fittings for a cleaner installation.

22. A similar approach netted us a cleaner mounting location for the vacuum manifold that controlled the ProFlo valve.

23. Under the dash, a suitable location was found for the controller that signals the i-1 to change modes based on the driver’s input.

24. As you can imagine, a fair amount of wiring was done for the system to become operational. This firewall grommet provided a perfect location for the harness to pass through.

25. Providing an electronic path between the i-1, battery, ignition, and controller was this terminal block. The wire leads from the controller were stripped back and placed in the block, while the rest of the accessories were direct plug-ins.

26. Multiple mounting locations could have been used, but we chose to hang the terminal block from the fender mount located behind the driver-side headlight.

27. An ignition 12V source was tapped from the power supply located on top of the radiator shroud.

28. We finally got around to hooking up the hose that coupled the new coolant reservoir to the radiator. Instead of wasting the coolant in the original reservoir, we chose to pour it in and use it.

29. ProCharger shipped the supercharger sans lubrication, so we made sure to fill it up to the proper level with the included oil.

30. The final puzzle piece under the hood was a fabricated cover that hid the top of the engine and throttle body for a more complete façade.

31. Two choices existed for manipulating the i-1. We opted for the upgraded windshield-mounted touch screen controller, which provided additional features we desired.

32. Telling the engine how to play nice with all the newfound power was a downloadable tune that necessitated an SCT Power Flash to deliver its message to the Raptor.

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