The Hummer H2 is known as the beast of the roadways. Its massive size can be intimidating when rolling next to a small import. During the H2's existence we have seen them transformed into larger-than-life stature, being lifted into the outer stratosphere with enormous wheels and tires. These cubical urban assault vehicles do present an image of size and power.

Rob MacGregor from No Limit Engineering in San Bernardino, California, wanted to start something new by 'bagging the epitome of all-wheel-drive, go-anywhere motoring. Recently Rob had a buddy's '03 Hummer at the shop rotating a set of tires. While doing so, he paused to observe the undercarriage and suspension, taking mental notes of certain critical areas. Rob's creative gears were engaging. Two major concerns were that the H2 is an all-wheel-drive vehicle with a dual torsion bar front suspension. Following some additional pondering, he was up for the challenge.

Source Box:
Air Ride Technologies Parts List:
* F9100 (rear) air spring
* Shock Wave 1009 (front) air spring bellows
* Ride Pro Control CON 6000
* Ride Pro key fob remote
* Programmable air pressure computer
* Big Red ARC4000
* Big Red Viair 400 ARC7000 compressor (2)
* Air lines and hardware

No Limit Engineering Parts List:
* Front (top) shock mount bracket
* Front (lower) shock mount bracket
* Dual compressor mounting bracket
* Air tank, valve, and solenoid box
* Front and rear nitrogen shock absorbers

No Limit Engineering Air Ride Technologies
350 S. Charles St
IN  47546
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