Super Dutys were built to be lifted. We're sure of it. They just look manly and big, and like Ford says "tough." When it came time to do this month's Fantastic Four truck, many of you wrote in and wanted Ford's 3/4-ton rig to be the guinea pig. We tracked down an '06 4WD model that was bone-stock, but came equipped with the Rancho-suspension package. In order to make the truck stand out among all of the lifted Fords, we contacted Bulletproof Suspensions for its new 12-inch lift. Using King Off-Road coilover shocks in the front, the truck was guaranteed to be sky-high. Out back, huge Atlas leaf springs boosted the rear to a respectable height, and again, King Off-Road shocks were used to damp the travel. For added good looks and rugged terrain capabilities, a set of 40x15.50R22 Toyo Mud Country tires were mounted on 22x10-inch ICCE Off-Road On The Rocks chrome wheels. Adding power to the 6.0L Power Stroke turbodiesel is a K&N Aircharger and a MagnaFlow direct-fit exhaust system. The talented guys at HOT (House of Tints) Motorsports, in Tustin, California, installed all of the serious hardware. There, the guys spent three days making sure the lift went on properly. This was the prototype kit, and they also had to make sure that the truck was ready to conquer the streets and rivers of Southern California. Check out the install, and for more information on how to make your Super Duty look killer, contact the companies in the source box.