Cognito may not be one of the most well-known suspension suppliers to some, but it is definitely on the need-to-know list. Coming in later in the game allowed Cognito to see what kinds of suspension systems other better-known manufacturers were fabricating, so it may improve upon the competition's designs. What Cognito came up with were more strength and better parts supplies to allow customers' trucks to stay on and off the road longer and to ensure its customer service agents were taking sales instead of complaints. Norcal Truck in Fremont, California, had just the truck we needed to do a Cognito installation. The owner of the truck opted for a custom-colored candy-red powdercoat on all of the aftermarket parts to make a few additional heads turn. After Norcal Truck, we suggested a couple of additional parts needing color to complete the total visual package. The truck's owner opted to do it, but unfortunately for us it was after our scheduled shoot. Ten inches of lift made plenty of room for the planned 37-inch tires, but 38s could have been squeezed in, if we had desired. One of the positives that make Cognito such a hit is the company's steering support pieces. Cognito offers a heavy-duty tie-rod steering kit with ultra tough heims, an idler pivot assembly with weld-on gussets, and a pitman/idler arm support kit, again with heim joints. With all of these parts, it's an involved installation but in the end, it was worth every second. Check out the story on how we lifted an '06 GMC sky-high for a truly custom look.